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Prada Reviving Bio-Firm Concentrate


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Product Description

Prada Reviving Bio-Firm Concentrate. Transform your skin to be supple and glowing with this intensive age-fighting formula. Prada Reviving Bio-Firm is a concentrate that contains potent levels of the antiaging Bio-Firm complex, which includes marine-based and lab-synthesized collagen boosters, collagen and elastin firming compounds, and epidermal defenders. This lightweight, instantly-absorbing serum—which also contains a bio-available mineral complex and plant-sourced essential fatty acids—helps plump and visibly re-tighten the skin for a smoother, more resilient glow. It'll help fight visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity, for that radiant complexion you crave. Potent levels of natural marine collagen protein and elastin derived from mollusk filaments intensely firm and lift the skin. Potent 15% levels of collagen and fibronectin synthesizers (pentapeptide-3 marine mollusk filament) plus cellular defense actives (minerals, yeast, vitamins, and lupin herb) reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles and protect the structural integrity of skin 10% vital essential fatty acids found naturally in the epidermis, including sunflower, echium, and meadowfoam seed oils, and omega 3-6 work on the molecular level to plump and re-fatten skin Application instructions: before moisturizing, apply to clean, dry skin, avoiding eye area Ingredients: Contains potent levels of the anti-aging Bio-Firm complex Marine-based and lab-synthesized collagen boosters Collagen and elastin firmers—and epidermal defenders 0.04fl oz/ 1.3ml

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