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Pop Dental Go Sonic Toothbrush


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Product Description

Pop Dental Go Sonic Toothbrush. This battery operated sonic toothbrush leads the way with innovative technology and a brand new brushing experience with up to 30,000 brush strokes per minute, you can get your teeth super clean in just 2 minutes. The patented design brings the power directly to your brush head, enabling you to break up the plaque that is at your gum line and in other hard to reach places. Contoured DuPont nylon bristles assure that those hard to reach areas get taken care of as well. The energy efficient motor lasts for months on end so you can bring it with you wherever you go. Brush well, brush often, pop dental. Includes: 1 GoSonic Toothbrush; 1 additional brush head; 1 AAA battery. Comes in color(s): Black; Hunter Green; Purple; Soft Green; Powder Blue.

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