It all started with My Fab Clothing back in the day, this was my original e-commerce clothing store, which later expanded and I added wedding jewelry.  A re-design later and some re-branding brought me to my new site Divine And Sexy ( ).   My experience in online retail is vast and I feel that subscription boxes are a repackaged idea to online retail but more regular and of course easier.

My experience with subscription boxes: I've signed up for other subscription boxes, I've had over 15 at one time. Having all of these boxes gave me the experience to find out what I love and hate about subscription boxes. I've  since weeded out my favorites and am subscribed to only two now, it's been over a year and I still have sample size products I haven't used.  I cancelled the rest because I was so disillusioned by the sizes and items I would receive  that I don't want my subscribers to feel that way. I felt the sizes were waste-full and I got many of the same items from different boxes and the same boxes over and over again. I also received so many little perfume sample bottles, I have never ever used any of these.

My box: I only include items in the subscription box that I love, so when I'm picking items for the box, I'm picking them as if I was sending them to my best friends or close family members. I truly am excited for each and every item. My goal is to build a box people love, expand their knowledge of beauty, household and food items.  I don't want them to feel like they are paying for packaging, I've priced out customized printed boxes, they aren't cheap and although it sets a good impression, I feel what's in the box is the most important thing. This has been debated by many of my subscribers and I won't budge, you buy the subscription for the items not for the packaging they come in.

Other boxes may rely on companies to donate items to spread their brand name, which is fine for a select few amount of items BUT not fine for every item in every box.  This means that quality control is not necessarily an option if you don't have a choice in products.  I buy each and every single item that goes into the boxes, I spend 100% of subscription fees on the boxes, shipping and the items themselves.  This is the core reason why my subscription box has a limited number available and is often sold out, I'd rather limit the amount of boxes I can ship then let the  quality of the boxes suffer.

This subscription box is my passion and I'm not in to make money, I'm in it to share my love of these products with others.  I answer every email personally, buy every item, ensure quality of every item and more. I believe these values keep this box awesome.

If you think so or even if you don't think so, I'd love to hear from you. I love suggestions, comments and questions.  If you have ideas on what you want to see in upcoming boxes, let me know.  Feel free to email me at

-Valerie Michel Buck

Owner, Adore Box