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Ostia Peptide Filler Facial & Neck Mask


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Product Description

Ostia Peptide Filler Neck and Mask provides the ultimate relief and treatment for vibrant, youthful skin. Indulge with luxurious beautiful skin care, leaving your skin smooth, moist, and clean with extracts from various fruits it leave your skin softly scented and refreshed. NECK + MASK + HYDRATION + BRIGHTENING IN ONE POUCH 01. Sheet mask is made with tencel, adhering well to the face and neck. providing dull, tired skin with superb hydration benefits that last. 02. Recharges your skin so that it feels like the skin from your youth 03. Transforms and restores dull. lifeless skin is transformed to bright, clear, hydrated skin 1 individually wrapped mask each for face & neck. Comes in: Aqua.

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